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🎡 Musical Baby Crab πŸ¦€πŸ’•

🎡 Musical Baby Crab πŸ¦€πŸ’•

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Introducing the Interactive SEA LIFE Induction Crab Toy - A Joyful Learning Adventure! (Recommended Age: 3-6y)

Make learning a delightful experience for your little ones with our sea life toy. This battery-operated marvel is not just a toy; it's an educational journey that sparks curiosity and ensures hours of interactive fun.

Key Features:

  1. Safe and Joyful Exploration:

    • Crafted with child-safe materials and ABS construction, our induction crab toy prioritizes safety. The smooth arc design and no-burr edges protect your child from scratches, ensuring worry-free playtime.
  2. Built-in Sensing Adventure:

    • Immerse your child in an exciting world of exploration with the built-in sensing device. As the crab encounters an obstacle, watch as it cleverly and automatically maneuvers to escape, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.
  3. Eco-Friendly USB Charging:

    • Embrace the eco-friendly USB charging mode! Say goodbye to numerous batteries that contribute to pollution. Our package includes a USB charging cable for convenient charging, ensuring endless hours of eco-conscious play.
  4. Adorable Sea Life Design:

    • Captivate your child's imagination with the irresistible charm of our crab and octopus-shaped induction toy. With its funny appearance and vibrant colors, this toy not only entertains but also stimulates your child's interest in exploration.
  5. Chase and Laughter:

    • Press the button to activate the runaway mode, encouraging your little one to engage in an exciting chase. Accompanied by lively lights and cheerful music, this mode adds an extra layer of joy and laughter to playtime.


  • Material: Plastic, Electronic
  • Battery: Built-in battery
  • Recommended Age: 3-6 years

Educational and Entertaining:

The SEA LIFE Induction Toy is more than just a plaything; it's a gateway to interactive learning and imaginative play. Provide your child with an opportunity to discover, chase, and learn with this adorable and innovative toy.

Brand Name: GGbell


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